How to Save Money at the Movies

Going to the cinemas to watch something that nobody else has seen, or something that you’ve awaited for a long time emits such a powerful feeling of excitement. Nowadays, it emits a feeling of excitement and sadness, because movie theatres are expensive! On an average...

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Happy Freedom Day

This years theme is “Valuing Our Freedom In Difficult Times” ”…And so we assemble here today, and in other parts of the country, to mark a historic day in the life of our nation. Wherever South Africans are across the globe, our hearts beat as...

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COVID 19 Phase 2 rules and restrictions

The government announced some new rules and changes for the next phase of COVID 19 lockdown As of the 19th of April, there are 3034 confirmed cases and 52 deaths.  On Thursday 9th of April, the President announced an extension to the 21-day lockdown that was...

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