Knowledge is key.
Being educated and well knowledgeable don’t necessarily equate.

Complacency is the natural enemy of progress.
In so little words, we can diffuse the story behind the science of knowing. Knowledge leads to wisdom and equipping yourself with the full artillery of history, current affairs, science, etc can only see you attain the slight, but key, edge over your fellow educated peers or colleagues.

Humans are naturally born with curiosity; a natural scientist and explorer exists within us. However, how we direct it to exploit this full wonder is honestly up to us.
Attaining the sacred, much needed art of knowledge is no ancient mystery nor taboo.
Knowledge comes in various forms: books, simple conversations with the right people, documentaries, magazines or the internet.
Furthermore, in the current space age, accessing of information lies within mobile devices at a huge convenience.

The only way one can respect their environment better is through awareness of the principle aspects involved in maintaining and driving that environment.
Learning that the ecosystem is fully interconnected, how one simple inert action of throwing away your lit cigarette bud in the bushes can spark a fire and consequently cause severe damage, highly distinguishes between life and death.

Without knowledge we become increasingly prone to lack of perspective and appreciation.
A research fact regarding a significant finding or fact indigenous to your country could indeed spark a newly found better appreciation of it.

The true tragedy lies in that ignorance and stupidity have no true extent nor quantifiable means, so the infinite risks of knowledge arrears are far more detrimental.
Knowledge has to go beyond the lecture room and the exam answers which we spend so much time cramming – rather than actually learning how to use them.

Education is a tool and like any tool it’s about how effectively and efficiently you apply it.
We’ve reached a phase where a qualification certificate could do you good, depending on what else you bring to the fold.

Excess knowledge could never be at your peril. To the contrary, excess knowledge will give you all the ascendancy and means to propel yourself to greater heights. Given the correct execution and application of thought.

I’ll leave you with these mighty provocative words to ponder on:
Complacency is the natural enemy of progress and without progress life is stagnant.

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