Student life can be quite hectic. Between lectures, assignments, group work and tutorials – students have become professional “jugglers”. However, there is one, dare I say, vital part of student life: the social scene!

The social scene is regarded as important by most Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) students. “The club and party scene is there to give you a platform to mix and mingle with other students, from different social circles”, states Unathi Mdliva, a 3rd year Information Technology student.

Aya Dyani, a 1st year Law student, also states, “I think it’s important to us, as students, as it allows us to relax, unwind and forget about that assignment due on Monday, or that looming test you have been procrastinating about.”

Fortunately, Port Elizabeth (PE) boats a serious student event line-up. Events such as “Just Groovin” at Gondwana Café (for the electronic dance music lovers), Student Social Thursday (SST) at Cheerleaders, and “Chillaz on Chapel” at The Rooftop Garden Bar (for a more relaxed, sundowner’s kind of vibe) – aim to chase away those student “blues”

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