The lack of sufficient student housing is a critical issue faced by many tertiary institutions across the country. Last year, an astounding 216 000 South African students were left stranded, without a place to stay.

Locally, only 12% of the Nelson Mandela University student body makes use of on-campus residences. The rest live in various off-campus locales such as Digs, Campus-Key, apartments or at-home residences.

Enter Campus-Key Scarborough, the latest real estate venture from the Stellenbosch-based Campus-Key group. Scheduled for completion this October, the seven-storey, three hundred bed complex will not only offer housing to three hundred students, but also has the added bonus of proximity.

While three hundred beds pales in the face of the stupefying national odds, it is a step in the right direction!  Perhaps the success of the Campus-Key group may inspire many other developers and real estate power players to get involved. One building at a time, we may eventually alleviate the housing issue…

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