Here’s A Toast To Remarkable Women

OPINION – We grew up taught to only associate the colour pink with girls and blue with boys. Yet today, your favourite colour might be reliant on your mood, fashion trends or even the weather. We also grew up taught that girls should be seen and not heard. Yet today, even if you’re the loudest person in your circle, your friends still adore you. So I guess how we use the things we were taught to find our own uniqueness is what defines us as people … as women.

Every August, when we celebrate women, our minds first drift towards famous women who achieved something so remarkable that they now have a shiny spot in our nation’s history. However for once, if not for the first time, let’s take a moment to celebrate our own success.

Let’s celebrate the old lady that runs a soup kitchen from her house and the high school teacher who always made you feel like you were worth something more.

Let’s celebrate the church lady who constantly says that she is praying for you and girl who got pregnant at sixteen but didn’t let that stop her from chasing her dreams.

Let’s celebrate our mothers and motherly figures who taught us how we should be treated and that friend who made the decision to get out of a toxic relationship because she realised that she deserves so much more.

Celebrate the cool aunt that let you get away with everything and the random girl who unknowingly made your entire day better because she complimented your hair.

These and many more, are the women that need to be celebrated.

Most importantly, celebrate the reflection in the mirror. Celebrate the fact that she is not the person she was three years ago. Celebrate her amazing ability to feel broken inside and still be able to mend someone else with her smile. Celebrate that one day she is going places even though it might not seem that way right now. Her imperfect life might be someone else’s greatest inspiration.

Applaud her.

Be proud of her.

See, we often compare ourselves to others and end up feeling insignificant and inferior. We measure our success and beauty to that of women with different backgrounds and circumstances when the only real measure of success and growth should be against the woman you were yesterday.

Raise a glass of sparkling pink champagne (or grape juice for those of us with different diets) to yourself and the remarkable women in your life.

Cheers and happy women’s day to all of you, my fellow sisters.

Image source: Valento Gouws Photography

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