Everyday in October is a Holiday, Kinda

When we think of holidays, we often think of being away from school or work and having fun with family and friends. What if we tell you about the holidays that although may not be days off, are still fun to celebrate. Let’s discuss some of the bizarre holidays in October and how we can celebrate them.

1st October: World Vegetarian Day
This holiday is to spread awareness about vegetarianism. If you are vegetarian, you can cook a vegetarian meal for your mates and, if you are not, you can try out being a vegetarian on this day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy it!

3rd October: Boyfriend Day
Guys are probably anticipating being spoiled today – but not this year chaps. Be selfless and let your S/Os slay their boyfriend jeans and blazers in celebration of this day.

5th October: Do Something Nice Day
Many students volunteer for altruistic reasons including to gain experience or to increase their chances in terms of employment. Whether or not you have been considering volunteering, now is your chance. You can volunteer at Animal Welfare, buy your friend a drink, or pay someone a compliment.

10th October: Take-Your-Teddy-Bear-to-Work Day
Imagine walking around with a teddy bear on campus or at work. Everyone will be looking at you, right? And some people may even ask you why you are carrying around a teddy bear. If you feel comfortable with this extra attention, why not bring your teddy bear to campus – maybe it will cheer someone up.

25th October: World Pasta Day
It is pretty obvious what you should have for supper today – maybe try a new pasta recipe, get some friends together and bon appétit!

Have a happy October!

Image source: Bianke Fouche

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