Campus Life Festival Part 2: Campus Spirit Meets Campus Party

The Campus Life Festival is a classic favourite at the University and has been taking place at Nelson Mandela University for many years now. This year it took place on the 23rd of February and students partook in numerous sports and activities which all led up to the highly anticipated after party.

The sport was the starter of the day and had our students sprawled across campus, competing in many activities, including rugby, chess, netball and athletics. The sporting activities spilled well over into the afternoon and were then temporarily put on hold to give the floor to the long-awaited and thoroughly-practised residence Formations.

The 10-minute long choreographed routines are without fail an exciting part of the Campus Life Festival. These are performed by students staying in the Universities accommodation and are presented in a competitive manner, as each residence uses their performance to represent who they are.

Leading up to the first formation, hosts Sanele and Hlubi addressed the crowd gathered at the Madibaz Stadium. The audience was given a slight taste of what was to come when Hlubi, along with the Madibaz Cheerleaders performed a quick dance routine to boost the crowd’s energy. Next came the SRC who officially introduced themselves to the body of students present.

The formations finally commenced with an outstanding performance by Oceana. They set the bar high and included a re-enactment of one of the famous battle scenes seen in the Black Panther movie. Last year’s champions, LL, unfortunately, did not meet the expectations they had set and even received some ‘boos’ from the unimpressed crowd. PSA performed next and had powerful messages written on paper to display along with their routine. XM delivered a crowd-pleasing performance that was impressively executed with purpose and precise synchronisation. They took the crown for Best Formation Award.

The after party was the perfect way to end the day. The night starred Blaqstorm, Mjazz, Dj Slique and Naakmusiq. The crowd was ecstatic and filled with energy as people danced the night away and lost themselves to the great atmosphere. Calling it a good time would be an absolute understatement because, as it does every year, the Campus Life Festival lived up to its reputation of exceptional festivity.

Photographer: Thando Khanda

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