Meet the DJ’s that rocked the Carnival

An exciting and sizzling start to the year was exactly what the Freshers Carnival was. Our campus grounds were flourishing! Amidst the students looking fresh and oozing great energy, hot artists from across the country performed. We were lucky enough to catch international icon, DJ Shimza and local treasure, DJ Mleistar for a word or two.

Headlining act, DJ Shimza made his appearance shortly after midnight and wasted no time in mesmerising the crowd with his infectious ‘House’ beats. In our interview with him, we were curious to know where in the world the successful artist enjoys being the most. He gave the crown to Ibiza. ‘It’s the capital of partying’, he said, adding that he enjoys working with the energy there.

Out of his events in the past year, the talented producer claimed his annual ‘One Man Show’ as his most memorable. As for who his favourite local artist is, Shimza said he couldn’t pick. He appreciates the dynamics different artists bring to the industry.

‘Be yourself’, the DJ said when asked for a word of advice to students. Patience and persistence are key factors he also added, reminding us of his own journey that has taken about 15 years. The hardworking man believes his work is far from over and that he has more to achieve and many people to still reach.

DJ Mleistar, who took to the stage after Shimza, won the crowd over with his fresh Hip Hop sound. He describes himself as a ‘musical soul’ with an inborn passion for music. He listens to a variety of music, but as a DJ, is centred on Hip Hop as it’s at a peak right now.

When asked who his inspiration is, the talented man admitted it comes from various people. He believes he shouldn’t have to only observe DJs for inspiration, especially for his unique sound which he feels only he can piece together. In his words, ‘There can only be one Mleistar’.

A question on the #OpenUpTheIndustry topic on social media had Mleistar express concern over how anyone can become an influencer today – not for having actual skills- but for simply having many followers. He shared his pain in seeing genuine talent go unrecognised due to this.

‘It used to be a big deal having four DJs around. But now around every corner you [turn], there’s a DJ. Everyone has a small studio, […] making beats because of the internet or YouTube tutorials. I wish it was more about talent than anything.’

His final words, acknowledging our DJ society, were to us students. ‘You shouldn’t follow a trend. Rather stick to the sound that you like. Master it, then take it to the world.


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