Alcohol does not rape

It does not hurt to have fun and we owe it to ourselves to live life to the fullest, but we should always remember that our actions have consequences. It’s sad to see how our generation claims to be enjoying life and complete liberation while willingly handing over control to alcohol over and over again.  

The issue of rape has gone viral in almost all the higher education institutions and often we come across statements such as “Decreasing rape is simple get rid of alcohol”. Such statements have raised controversies 

Asive, a 3rd-year student at NMU, voices her opinion by saying, “Alcohol only gives you the courage to do something that you have been thinking of doing, but have had too little bravery to actually do.  

Asiphe Witbooi from UCT touches on why most people would believe alcohol to be the leading factor when it comes to rape. She explains, “We cannot run away from the fact that alcohol does influence a person into doing questionable things, but nothing can justify the act of rape, not even alcohol”. 

It is no secret that most people are using alcohol as a front to carry out their villainous desires and a blind eye is turned to that. The question remains, “What about the victim?”. Leticia Dhlamini from NMU states, “A woman can never ask to be raped. Under no circumstances. The fact that I drink alcohol does not deny me any right against my body. How can my way of having fun be regarded as a way of asking to be violated?” 

Photographer: Bianke Fouche 

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