Cricket has a lot of interesting terms and sayings uniquely associated with this almost five centuries old sport. Below are some of the most common (and strange) words and phrases you may hear when watching cricket.  

All out – When ten of the eleven batsmen are out. The last batsman cannot play without a partner.  

All-rounder – Most often a player who is proficient in both batting and bowling, sometimes a player who is decent as a batter or wicketkeeper or rarely a player who can bowl and keep wicket. This is a valuable player to have on the team.  

Appeal – When a batsman or his team disagree with an “out” decision that the umpire made and they ask for this decision to be re-evaluated.  

Bad light – Umpires can make the decision to suspend play if they deem the dim light a safety hazard for the batsman.  

Ball tampering – An illegal act in which a player (usually a bowler) makes unsanctioned alterations to the seam or the surface of the ball to make it more likely to perform in the way they want. 

Batting order – The order in which the team bats, starting with the first and second batsmen who are usually the best batsmen in the team. As one batsman is bowled or caught out, then next batsman in the order goes to bat. 

A four – Four runs are scored when the ball hits the ground first then rolls until it hits the boundary surrounding the field. 

A six – Six runs are scored when the ball is hit directly to the boundary and does not make contact with the ground. 

A maiden over – To bowl an over when the opposing team does not score any runs from the balls bowled.  

Caught out – When the ball is caught before touching the ground then the batsman is “caught out”, meaning he is finished batting. 

Century / HundredWhen one batsman scores one hundred runs in an innings.  

Half century / FiftyWhen one batsman scores fifty runs in an innings.  

Declaration – When the captain of the batting team decides to stop his team’s batting before all the batsmen have batted. This is usually part of a strategy. 

Dismiss – When a batsman is out.  

Duck – When a batsman scores no run before being out. 

Golden Duck When a batsman is out on the first ball he faces. 

Hat trick – When a bowler takes three wickets from three consecutive bowls 

Howzat? – A disgruntle appeal to the umpire.  

Innings – The period at which a batsman is batting before he is out.  

Over – Six consecutive balls bowled. Bowlers bowl an over then the bowler changes.   

Run – What points are called 

Wicket The three vertical stumps (sticks) with two horizontal bails (pegs) behind a batsman.   

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