Evolution of the youth

In light of recent events, there have been several cases trending on social media. From the brutal death of Thoriso Themane, all caught on video, to the recent saga that happened in our own city’s San Souci where a pupil got into a physical confrontation with a teacher, one cannot help but wonder whether the youth has evolved or if this is how it’s always been.  

We were able to ask our university students what their opinion on this matter is since most students are on social media and are thus aware of the incidents mentioned due to videos going viral on various platforms. We asked students, “In what way have the youth of today evolved? and this is how they responded: 

The consensus amongst the students interviewed was that young people have become more violent due to society exposing them to these violent acts from a young age, making them believe that it is okay. Another issue that was brought up is the lack of corporal discipline. As one student said, “Nowadays the youth have various rights which could be detrimental when incorporated incorrectly.” Others took an opposing stance, saying that the youth of today is no different from the days when we as students were still school-goers. In this day and age, social media is able to highlight much more than it did in the past, making it seem like a problem that is on the rise. 

Whether the youth have changed or stayed the same over the years is subjective. However, the videos that surface on social media are the reason for concern in our society and we as young people should work together to restore safety and fairness where we can.  

Photographer: Lithalelanga Vena 

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