The OG VR Pet

Physicists say we’ve hit a technological advancement rut. We’re no longer innovating, but rather just improving what already exists. This notion is greatly proven in the resurrection of the beloved 1997 digital pet, Tamagotchi. The product’s official website claims that it is back with the ‘original programming’ and for some of us, this could possibly be the most exciting piece of tech we could get our hands on.  

Tamagotchi (pronounced TAH-MAH-GOH-CHEE) are Japanese-designed, excitement-inducing virtual reality (digital) pets that appear in a palm-sized device that contains a liquid crystal display. You are required to feed, play with, turn the lights on and off for it to sleep, keep it healthy, give it medicine and discipline the creature when its behaviour gets out of hand. All by pressing buttons A, B or C. They start off at the egg stage of life, but don’t resemble animals. There are seven different adults you can choose from (if you keep them alive long enough to get there). These critters were originally priced at around R250.00 ($17.99) in 1997 and since their resurgence have dropped in price to R180.00 ($13.99). 

They were such a popular item in the 90’s that it’s expected many adults who were children back then may be tempted to own one again. If your Tamagotchi dies, you can happily reset the game and begin your journey again and again. Many apps over the years have tried to replicate the game and experience on mobile devices, but not many could engineer the enjoyment that the original Tamagotchi provides. The addition of advertisements and monetary systems only frustrates users and leaves them longing for the days of simpler technology. If you’re eager to get your hands on an old-school toy, this is definitely a rite of passage for every 80’s – 00’s baby.

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