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Do you own a smartphone or a laptop? Can you spend a day without logging onto social media? Imagine always being online and updated on both social trends and all your academic stuff on one device. How convenient!  

GetDigiReady is helpful to any student who would like to discover, explore, and always be connected to the university network. Most email updates communicated via Memo are beneficial to students with scholarships, bursaries, events and lecturers’ communication. Why not GetDigiReady, so you can read them as they are sent out and not wait for them to flood your inbox and end up missing important information?  

With over 2628 laptops distributed to first-year NSFAS students and more than 90% owning smartphones and or a laptop, Nelson Mandela University digitalisation is keeping up with the rapid technological advancement of the world. Using GetDigiReady will help you stay updated on your emails, Moodle site and student portal. You do not have to go to the library, computer laboratories or wait to be in Wi-Fi zones as you can access everything from your phone or laptop with little data consumption.  

To sync your emails to your Android or IOS phone, follow all prompts for adding an exchange account, change the server to “” and activate. It’s important to note that the username has to be entered in this format, Your email account will then be set up. Instructions on how to set up your mobile device WiFi or emails are available in both Xhosa and English for Android and IOS users. To connect to Wi-Fi, select Eduroam and enter your and your allocated password. For some cellphones, you need to change the option ‘Phase-2 Authentication’ to ‘MSCHAPV2’.  

For videos on how to GetDigiReady, click on the student portal link or here.  

Why not save time and always be updated with your social media, University emails or Moodle site updates from wherever you are? Explore and enjoy more benefits of technology today.


Imagery: Sandiso Ngwenya (MSc Chemistry student) in a Postgraduate library computer with her phone – ALWAYS ACADEMICALLY ONLINE 

Source: Bianke Fouche 

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