Guard Your Energy

“Have you ever been in a dark hole and you just couldn’t find a way to exit, yet you can acknowledge that you’re in it?”. This is how one of the students described what it feels like to be in a toxic situation. Be it with a friend or a significant other. But how do these toxic situations affect you as a person? Are you really the company that you keep?  

Throughout all social media platforms, we are seeing more people using the word ‘toxic’ to either describe a person or a situation, but what does it really mean?. Toxic, as described by the English dictionary, is something that is poisonous. After multiple interviews with several students, it was evident that at some stage in their lives they have found themselves in situations where they felt that the people they were surrounding themselves with had negative repercussions and this had an impact on their emotional and mental health.  

The energy that you surround yourself with might not dictate who you are as a person, however, it does impact you emotionally and mentally. As nothing organic can grow when it’s surrounded by poison, subconsciously you are absorbing all the negative energy around you. With all that you do in life, be careful of the people that you allow into your space and the energy they bring with them because you could very much be feeding off it.  

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