No choice but to buckle up

As students, we have a lot on our plates; academics, relationships, commitments our resources are stretched to the max. It can be overwhelming. But we do not have a choice. The show must go on and we learn how to rise and carry on.  

One way to deal with anxiety is to make use of goal-setting. It’s important to have a “Why” – remember why you started and where you want to end up  

Here are a few other tips of dealing with stress: 

  1. Make time for and take care of yourself. Avoiding yourself is dangerous. You need time for self-reflection so that you can harness your strengths and develop your weaknesses.  
  2. Know where to direct your energy. Not everything is worth your energy. So steer it towards things that will bring you satisfaction and help you grow. 
  3. As much as this can be a cliché, prioritize. It will help you know what to focus on. 
  4. Be easy on yourself. It’s okay to fail. It’s ok to make mistakes, but do not let those failures and mistakes define who you are. 

Whenever you feel like giving up, buckle up and keep going, because the greater the challenge, the greater the achievement and it will be so worth it.  

Photographer: Lithalanga Vena 

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