Thought you’d have your life together by now?

Did you ever leave high school thinking “When I’m in university, I’ll have my life together,”? And now that you’re here, your life is still all over the place, probably a little messier if you’re honest? Many of us start wondering whether we’ll ever get to that time where life feels “in place”.  

The truth is we are all trying to figure life out – no one has a formula. The older we get, the more difficult life becomes, as responsibilities begin to pile up and our energy is pulled in many directions. Should this steal our happiness though?  

Absolutely not. Stressors are inevitable in life and “perfection” is a construct you will always be chasing. The answer is not perfection – it is a balance. Balance is about peace and harmony amidst the challenges. How can you move towards this type of balance? 

  1. Put your mental health first. 
  2. Ask for help. 
  3. Talk to someone about your problems. 
  4. Spend time with yourself. 
  5. Prioritize yourself. 

Along with physical health, mental health is extremely important. As students, life can be crazy – it is crucial to stop, pause and recharge. Learn to know what your mind and body need for you to be at your healthiest.


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