Strangest Reasons Cricket Matches Have Been Interrupted

The quirky game of cricket has had plenty of funny moments created by the most unusual interruptions. From weather condition to the pitch itself, here are some odd reasons games have been aborted.


Back in 2017, during an India vs Sri Lanka match in New Dehli, the play was stopped because of pollution. Toxic smog made it unbearable for Sri Lankan players to breathe. This resulted in players returning for the second session with face masks on. The play was adjourned for 20 minutes, where the team’s doctors were consulted to determine whether gameplay was safe.

A Toy

A tiger toy once created havoc at Rose Bowl Nursery Ground. A bystander alerted people that a tiger was present at the neighbouring golf course. Helicopters made their way to the area and players took refuge. The play was ceased for 20 minutes.


Flies and moths constantly disturb cricket games; however, no insect feels more at home on cricket grounds than bees do. Earlier this year, during a match between Sri Lanka and South Africa, a swarm of bees occupied the field. This happened, before and during, the breast cancer awareness ‘Pink day ODI’ event. South African players, in their pretty pink tracksuits, lay flat on the field with stomachs down as the bees took over.

A bomb

Yes, a bomb! During World War 2, a match between the Army and Royal Air Force ended because of a “flying bomb”. The bomb turned out to be a German aircraft.

The ball

In 1995, during a match between Boland and WHAT in Paarl, the ball landed in a spectator’s braai stand as a ‘six’ was hit. The ball required 10 minutes to cool down and had to be cleaned from the grease. The play was shortly paused again because the ball was too greasy to grip. They only resorted to replacing the ball after it was expressly regarded as ‘unfit’ for play.

The pitch

During a match between the West Indies and England, the play was discontinued because the pitch was considered dangerous. This was because a player suffered heavy blows to his fingers and hands. Another occurrence was during a match between South Africa and India. The pitch was deemed dangerous after a player was hit by the ball three times.


During a match between New Zealand and India, the play was stopped because the sun was setting at an awkward angle. The rays of the sun made it difficult to spot the ball.

Then there are the expected disturbances. The speed of the ball, bad lighting, animals, and the occasional streaker – because what is a sport without our fellow nudists? And of course, a few drops of rain.


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