MMS-Meals allowances

By Ntsondwa Asithandile

In the midst of other students not receiving their allowances at all, the non-end bickering of students continues. In all respect their arguments are valid but as always not all of them agree on the same thing.

Apologies reader if I lost you there, allow me to answer the burning question of what this article is about. For starters, Meal Management System (MMS) allowance is the allowance allocated to NSFAS funded students staying on-campus. The allowance is loaded on their student card and can only be used on food chains affiliated with the institution (i.e. Rendezvous, North and South Cafeteria and Flava’s).

On-campus students are allocated this money because they receive R790 from NSFAS that is loaded on their intellicards which is a separate and remotely activated card offered by NSFAS through financial aid. Different from on-campus students, the oppidani students (off-campus students) receive R1500 on their intellicards without the MMS allowance.

Students staying on campus have complained about the different allowance allocations and also argue against the limitations of MMS. On-campus students say that they want to also receive the allowances like oppidani students and not be limited to on-campus food suppliers. Some of the reasons that students have presented is that, the queues are rather long and exasperating. Additionally, the students spoke about the poor quality of food at these cafeterias they are limited to.

However, Students that do not mind the MMS allowance argue that this way of receiving allowances helps them to save money from buying groceries and saves them time from cooking after a long day of classes.

Obviously, there is no right or wrong opinion but hopefully either a compromise can be reached amongst the students. Alternatively, the students can be given the option to choose between being treated as an off-campus students or rather keep the MMS allowances.

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