LOVE like a bee

What is love?

The Oxford dictionary defines love as: to adore, to be fond of and to care.

In yoga, it has been established that every human being craves love. It started from the time we were babies, we craved love from our parents. We wanted them all to ourselves, but we eventually realized that they also loved other people (e.g. our siblings). So, some of us moved on to our grandparents where we found out it was the same story (if not worse). We started to go to school and met a teacher that showed us love. Yet again we thought this teacher only loved us but when we looked around, the teacher gave the same care to all the other kids (maybe even more love to other kids). We found a best friend who would only love us but that best friend had other people to spend special time with, in the name of love. Then we get married and become “ONE” with our partner. “This is it” we think, only to find out then, yet again that our partner loves and cares for other people more than just us. Then where can we find a love that will fulfill us?

Well, yogis believe that we must have an attitude of giving love without expecting any of it back. They say the best place to find love that is fulfilling is within. It’s easier said than done really. However, through meditation it can be done. During the yoga lesson, we started to meditate upon love. We were told to hum like a bumble bee, to that I wondered what is so special about a bee? Thinking about bees I wondered why we consider “honey” to be the sweetest thing to call a loved one. Is it a random word because honey is naturally sweet? Alas, the thought of this article was born. Where we discover what love is, from a Honeybee’s point of view.

Did you know? African bees are aggressive and resistant to viruses and technological threats (i.e Wi-Fi) as compared to their commercial counterpart bees from other continents.

The Honeybee

The honeybee is one of the most important pollinators on the planet. It pollinates about ¾ of all the vegetables, fruits and nuts that we eat (considering that there are also other pollinating insects and animals). In America it pollinates about 1/3 of all their food, with a revenue of $15 billion dollars a year. Without honeybees there would be no fruits like blueberries, mangoes, pears and apples. Due to population increase and globalization we demand more food, meaning we demand more bees to perform a natural risk on a very unnatural scale. They simply cannot handle.

To make things worse, technology also interferes with the bee ecosystem. Our Wi-Fi and other technological frequencies harm the honeybees. Without honeybees, human beings will suffer from food shortage and this will contribute heavily to the possibility of human extinction. Unfortunately, there are no substitutes pollinators for the honeybee.

There is a small town in China called Sichuan where all the bees died due to pesticide abuse. The small town pollinates its own fruits, pears being the common fruit. There is so much work that goes into this; It is said that an individual pollinates 30 tress a day (with hundreds of flowers) while a single beehive pollinates 3 million flowers a day. If this was to happen to a country like America it would cost them $90 million a year.

Why Love like a bee?

The focus in this article is on honeybees and their signature product, which is honey. Honey never spoils due to its long shelf life. Honey as a unique and special product produced by bees goes through a long process. It takes a lot of teamwork, organisation and hard work to make honey.

1 pound of honey requires over 10,00 bees that fly around the world three times (more than 75 000 miles) pollinating 8 million flowers.

What’s teamwork without love in the midst of it all? To make honey, every honeybee has to play their part. There is a certain level of trust and expectation among bees in making the honey. However, the most significant act of love as we know, is self-sacrifice. The bee is no stranger to this form of love. The bee is always ready to protect its beehive with the attack of a suicidal sting. How heroic.

So, I ask the question; are we willing to love like a bee? Where we play our part in a team/family, working to create something as sweet as honey? And most of all are we willing to put others first to protect our beehive?

In simple statement, are we willing to give out love without expecting it in return but with the hope that someone out there would do the same for us? Do we have someone or something that we’re ready to die for?

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