Get to the beach and help the homeless while having fun.

Third year Human Movement Science student Homba Mazaleni has combined socializing and physical activity with doing good. She has started a beach soccer tournament where all the entry fees go towards making food hampers for the homeless.

Held on the shore in front of Something Good on a Sunday afternoon, the entry to this 5-a-side tournament is only R10 per person (R50 per team) with the money going towards buying canned goods, rice and meat items to help certain homeless people in Port Elizabeth.

Currently the food parcels are intended to last approximately two weeks by providing one meal a day for five to ten people, depending on the number of entries at the game. The more people that attend, the more money there will be available to buy more food parcels and support more down and out people in the Bay.

An East London native, Homba is a quirky person with a soft heart. The 20 year old started this initiative after connecting with people in need and trying to provide nourishment out of her personal capacity. The next beach soccer day is planned for 4 April so keep an eye on her Instagram account @hombamazaleni for all the details.

This is a great opportunity to get some friends together and have some fun (and be a little competitive) while being charitable. If you’re more of a spectator, take a trip to  Pollock Beach, get some sun, watch the soccer and bring some canned goods or make a monetary donation to help out the less fortunate. Either way, a good time and a good deed are guaranteed.

By Gina Cossavella

PHOTO: Homba Mazaleni at one of the first beach soccer days that she hosted.  Photo: Sikuyo Mtengwane

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