Its Time to Log Out of that Netflix

If you were looking for a sign, then here it is

With over half of the world stuck indoors, we have become inclined to stick to Netflix, DSTV you name it. I mean the outside is closed what else is there to do right?

Lockdown and COVID 19 have worked together to rob us of our birthday parties, lunch dates, lectures, beach days, you name it. Research has shown that 60% of our lives consist of being outside. That leaves a good 40% to sleep, eating and just being productive or other activities at home.

Here are some things that can keep you occupied

Fun Activities

  1. Create or find a playlist on Deezer, Apple Music or Spotify –   Music is known as a therapy to improve your mood, help manage stress, improve motivation and relieve symptoms of insomnia.
  2. Meditation – Meditation of the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Meditation enhances self-awareness, controls anxiety, reduce stress which can all promote mental health.
  3. Create a vision board – Spark up your creativity by creating a vision board. Apart from helping you clarify what you want in life, the whole process will entertain you. Get whatever scrappy material you can find and get going!
  4. Start that vegetable garden – Are you tired of buying vegetables from supermarkets? Well, this is the opportunity to change that. In this season apples, avocados and radishes are like to produce the best results. Not only will it give you something to look forward to, you will have some fresh produce daily in a few months.
  5. Video games, puzzles and crosswords – Its time to move from that FIFA level you have been on. Video games and board games are not only fun, but they also improve your problem-solving skills, your brain speed and your social skills. Bright side is that you can play with either your family members or even alone.
  6. Make a DIY (Do It Yourself) – Do you have some old jeans you have always wanted to turn to shorts? This is the time. You can get ideas and inspiration from YouTube and blogs.
  7. Try a new recipe – Cooking is not only fun, but it is extremely productive. New recipes create excitement and of course eating will also keep you occupied.

Productive Activities

  1. Clean and declutter – Cleaning can be therapeutic and productive. This is also the perfect time to go through your wardrobe and storage and finally decided if you want to get rid of those roller skates you impulsively bought.
  2. Exercise – Time to reach your goals. Yes, the gyms are closed but that doesn’t mean home workouts are not effective. You can substitute some gym equipment with home remedies like stairs.
  3. School work – Use this time to catch up or study ahead.
  4. Learn something new – It could either be a new language, how to sew or anything you’ve always had your eye on.
  5. Sign up for an online course – Did you know that Harvard University is offering free online courses? There are about 64 courses which have opened and will be closed in August. Google for Africa also offers some courses with certification.
  6. Create a schedule – With the uncertainty of how long lockdown will go, creating a routine to make sure that you don’t become too lazy is ideal.

How are you staying occupied? Was this helpful? Let us know by tagging us on social media.

Remember to take precautions and stay indoors.

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