COVID 19 Phase 2 rules and restrictions

The government announced some new rules and changes for the next phase of COVID 19 lockdown

As of the 19th of April, there are 3034 confirmed cases and 52 deaths.

 On Thursday 9th of April, the President announced an extension to the 21-day lockdown that was supposed to end on the 16th of April. This meant that there was now 2 weeks added to the 21-day lockdown which will now be due on the 30th of April.

The president has also mentioned that the average daily increase of the confirmed covid-19 cases has drastically decreased from 42% to 4% post the implementation of the lockdown.

The President introduced some regulations in his national address on COVID-19 update.

Here are some of them;

Rules that have not changed

  • Sale of alcohol and cigarettes are still banned – The sale and transportation of alcohol and cigarettes are still not allowed.
  • No sale of cooked food – Restaurants and fast food are still to remain closed and supermarkets open to sell essential goods must close their hot food section.
  • Community watch groups still not allowed to patrol neighborhoods – Only formal security guards can physically protect property.
  • Funeral rules– Funerals are still restricted to 50 people.

New rules

  • Children may move between parents- Phase 1 of lockdown completely banned the movement of children between parents that don’t stay together if they did not have a parenting plan. The movement of the child(ren) should be accompanied with a birth certificate.
  • Artisans allowed to do emergency repair- The new regulations has allowed plumbers, electricians, roof repairs, glaziers and locksmiths to be called for emergency work.
  • Hardware and car parts stores will be able to sell emergency supplies- Essential goods now includes emergency hardware. They also can sell goods needed by essential institutions such as hospitals. However, they must keep a register of persons buying and they must keep a signed declaration from the buyer.
  • More call centres to open – Phase 1 regulations limited insurance call centres to those that service short term insurance policies. The new regulations has extended this policy to include retailers because of store credit cards.
  • Mines and imported goods- Imported goods will no longer have to be sanitized because research has shown that the virus does not survive long journeys. Some mines will be allowed to re-open.

The government is actively testing the community and isolating those infected.

Remember to stay at home and take precautions.

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