How to Save Money at the Movies

Going to the cinemas to watch something that nobody else has seen, or something that you’ve awaited for a long time emits such a powerful feeling of excitement. Nowadays, it emits a feeling of excitement and sadness, because movie theatres are expensive! On an average day, movie tickets cost almost R100 and you’re still supposed to have snacks too?

Fortunately, there are ways for you to save money and have tickets and snacks for under R150. First, you would need to choose a cinema. If you choose Nu Metro, you’re better off going to see a movie on a Wednesday. Every Wednesday, Nu Metro runs a special with reduced prices, where you can see a movie for as little as R55 to R65! A regular-sized bucket of popcorn, on average, costs R38. Add snacks and a drink that you’ve bought beforehand from Spar or Pick N Pay (that you may or may not have to sneak in), and you’re in! You will then be able to enjoy your movie and snacks without hurting your wallet.

Ster Kinekor on the other hand, has been famous for their Tuesday special for years. After realizing that people came to the cinema more on Tuesdays, they decided to introduce a membership card. This ‘SK’ card, is free of charge, and can be applied for online. Every Tuesday, when you decide to see a movie, all you have to do is enter your membership number or swipe your card and you get an instant 50% off of your movie ticket! To add to this bargain, Sterk Kinekor also has a Tuesday snack special, where you can get a snack combo for as little as R40 (although all the snacks are small in size). So at Ster Kinekor on Tuesdays, you can enjoy a movie and snacks for under R100.

When cinemas are allowed to re-open, do not hesitate to get a Scene Card from Nu Metro and an ‘SK Club Card’ from Ster Kinekor, they may just earn you a free movie!

Sources of Information: Ster Kinekor, Nu Metro.

Caption : Nu Metro Cinemas 

Image Source : mybroadbad

By Leigh Jason

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