Cleaning team steps up for University deep clean

Our cleaning teams are leading the way so that other University staff and students can return to campus in a phased approach when given the go-ahead.  A team of 20 cleaners have been sanitising areas that will be used by staff and students on their return from 1 June.

Last week, in preparation for the deep clean, all Cleaning Managers received COVID-19 specific training.

To ensure that the cleaning teams were protected, they were collected from home and deployed to various sites. At the end of each day, the cleaning teams return to the central point for a dress down, sanitisation and rescreening.  They are then taken home after leaving their PPE to be washed and sanitised.

Deputy Director of Support Services, Nikki Brown says “Cleaning in the “new normal” has required a lot of research, sampling and testing of various products together with an entirely new view on cleaning, in order to ensure that the cleaning that is done, is effective and compliant.

In addition, a major challenge has been that of finding new ways of working since many of the staff are unable to work due to age or pre-existing conditions, making them vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

“We have tried to find solutions that will assist with the sanitising processes that do not require daily manpower.  For example, automated air sanitising dispensers, UV sanitisers and self-usage hand sanitiser stands.”

She says new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs and training have been developed and staff trained regularly on the basic COVID-19 rules.

“We have had to learn about decontamination, risk assessments, virus control and much more. Although a little scary, it has been a huge learning experience for all concerned,” she says.

(via the university portal)

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