The love of God

Let her sing,

Let her paint,

Let her dream,

Let her walk,

Let her talk,

Let her lead,

Let her feel.

Let her become,

Let her write,

Let her glow,

Let her through.

She then allows us to sing –

Allows us to dream,




I am her and she is I.

We are forever.

This column is about expression – it is about ordinary people such as you and I. It is about expressing the tone through which God wants to be seen. I thought it fitting that I open the session with a piece I wrote recently. I believe it is relatable, because it confronts the societal issues which we have been experiencing in South Africa.

The piece is titled ‘The love of God’. To love something means to pursue it for all of eternity. So the love of God means the pursuit of God. The poet uses short lines because he does not pretend to be in control. In fact the use of the word “let” shows relinquishing control. The poet believes that we must always let God express herself. This piece is about inescapable connection – about transcendence. Its simplicity is what makes it powerful, because everyone can find meaning in it. Notice the use of “her” and “she” in the poem as though implying that God and nature are synonyms to one another. If we say ‘mother nature’ then surely we must also say mother God.

The Extended Metaphor

The poet is also speaking to the men in our society – telling them it is okay to let women shine and be great. The poet is challenging patriarchy – painting it as a sign of great insecurity. We must never be afraid to let her shine through, because if she shines then we all do. We are all connected, so a cruel act towards someone is also a cruel act towards oneself. 

To all the women in our country, you are not alone.

IMAGERY: Words of encouragement on boards, out in nature.

SOURCE: Dan Meyers (

CAPTION: You are not alone.

by Kamohelo Tladi

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