Andile Lungisa released from prison

By Somila Tiwani

On Tuesday, 01 December 2020, people of Port Elizabeth came out in numbers chanting struggle songs in the City Hall as Andile Lungisa was being released from prison on parole, after serving time for an assault conviction. Andile Lungisa is a politician, a former deputy president of the ANC Youth League, and a former councillor in the Nelson Mandela Bay among other professions.

In 2016, Lungisa assaulted a Democratic Alliance councillor, Rayno Kayser, with a water jug during a chaotic council meeting in the Bay. Lungisa was an ANC councillor at that time. He was given a two-year prison sentence and has now been released on parole.

Lungisa attended a press conference in Raddison Blu Hotel, from 10:00 to 12:00 yesterday for a media briefing. During the media briefing, Lungisa promised his supporters and community members that he will serve the community. He said, “As early as from tomorrow, we will be going to each area in our community preaching the gospel that the covid-19 kills.”

Lungisa also mentioned his concerns about the leadership in the Eastern Cape saying, “the leadership has long collapsed.” He justified his statement with the increasing number of covid-19 cases in the province, as well as the high level of unemployment. He ended the statement by saying, “the ANC in the Nelson Mandela metro is ready for the regional conference but it must not only focus on the conference. It must focus on activism.”

Anelisa Thembikhaya Songqumase an ANC member, who also attended the press conference said, “we came here to support Andile Lungisa after being released from prison, we’re gathered here to say he is still one of us. We grew up watching him on television and got excited with his robust engagements.”

Songqumase expressed her gratitude of which Lungisa was convicted for self-defence and not for looting money from the state. “We are happy to have him back. Even though we have challenges of covid-19, white monopoly capital and corruption. It is good for a team to welcome back a player who was injured to boost the squad. I wish God can bless him and his family, aluta Continua.” he said.

After the press conference, Andile Lungisa went outside Port Elizabeth City Hall to address supporters as a free man. He gave praises and gratitude for the support he had received.

Photocred and source: Theo Jafta, Daily maverick

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