Mathematics with Nqayiya

Awonke Nqayiya (24) who hails from Seku Village in Centane has fought against all odds and protected his dreams. Nqayiya is the author of the well celebrated mathematics study guide, ‘Mathematics with Nqayiya’. The study guide is a Mathematics Paper 2 guide for Grade 11 and 12 and it is aimed to develop and improve the understanding of learners in four chapters of Mathematics Paper 2, namely Statistics, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry and Euclidean Geometry.

“During the university holidays, I spent some of my time tutoring mathematics to high school learners and have identified the common struggles learners had in Mathematics”, says Nqayiya. It is such struggles that had inspired him to write the guide.

The master’s candidate who majors in Mathematical Statistics at Nelson Mandela University published the guide in October 2020 and has already received remarkable feedback.

However, Nqayiya also mentioned that the impact of the study guide has not been yet quantified. He is awaiting positive feedback to the learners who have used the study guide by the end of the year, when they have written exams and have improved.

Also, the 24-year-old plans to write more study guides, “So far, I have paper 2 which means that there is a missing piece in the puzzle, and I have to come back and find it. So, there is a plan to co-write a mathematics study guide for paper one.” He will collaborate with other young individuals that he knows to be exceptional in Mathematics.

Nqayiya was grateful to be honoured by the Golden Key International Honors Society for academic excellence. Golden key is a society that seeks to celebrate the achievements of university students. Nqayiya says, “To have received an email that I have been selected by the Golden Key based on my academic excellence was a remarkable moment for me. At that time, I did not know much about Golden Key, but I just knew it was a glorified organization or society.” Certainly, he is a mathematics guru.

Awonke Nqayiya wishes the best to all the learners that will be using the guide. He expressed his gratitude to all who have bought it so far.

To those who have not bought it yet, it can be ordered from his WhatsApp number 073 426 6012 or you can order The guide costs R220 plus an additional R60 for service delivery where it is needed. 

By Somila Tiwani

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