Smooth Gems to Polish Your Summer

By Mncedisi Stampu

R&B/Soul music was made to convey strong emotions and have meaningful lyrics. It deals with matters of the soul and expresses them, making it deeply relatable to the listener. When the end-of-summer winds make you restless, meditate upon these jams put together just for you.

  1. TAKE TIME, by Giveon

On this tape Giveon walks us through a teenage love story in the city, His voice is as heartwarming and refreshing as a cup of coffee in the cool breeze of a summer morning. But within Giveon’s soulful croons is a tale that would lead you to reminisce about a failed imaginary relationship, or your very own real one.

  • Freudian, by Daniel Caesar

Two songs in, you can already feel your heart melting with every word Daniel harmonizes with the guitar strings. This is music to lay on your back and just reflect to. This project is overpouring with infinite appreciation and praise for a certain significant other. If The Ndlovus created their own reality show for Netflix, this would be the soundtrack.

  • Last Day of Summer, by Summer Walker

Made for those just got home safely after a hectic night. Summer Walker speaks women empowerment and honesty on her debut project, all layered within laid back beats and appeasing vocals to deliver the message. This is her take on how your playlist should look when summer ends, as the name suggests.

  • Iimini, by Bongeziwe Mabandla

Perhaps the biggest highlight of this offering is that he sings every song in isiXhosa, quite a passionate language, and he has a way of creating a soothing presence in the listener’s mind even if some do not understand what he says. He narrates a romantic encounter he had with someone, all laid out in  cinematic quality for the listener to exist within the feelings he experiences at this stage of his life. Not too shabby for a former theatre actor.

When you are scrambling for a late-night playlist next time, do not hesitate to check these artists out.


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Photograph: Attached

Photographer: Mncedisi Stampu

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