A Little Understanding: Message to The First Years

By Kamohelo Tladi

The 2021 Academic Year is well underway, and students continue to take their places in their various accommodations. This has been a cause of reflection for me. Being a student and being one at more than one institution, I have begun to think about the concept of a citizen as a student. The transition between high school to tertiary education can be gruelling. Nothing in school prepares you for university, and maybe that is the point – one can never prepare for live, only live it. You may stumble and fall to a point of extraordinary shame, but to continue, you need to get up, dust yourself off and live. That is the greatest courage of all.

Everyday, we operate in ways which seek to mediate pain and increase pleasure, that is not who we are but our addiction. Our make is universal, it encourages change and oftentimes, this change does not come without exploration. It is in our nature to wonder – for our minds to journey to places unknown. Such is the beauty of student life, the promise of self-knowledge.

Throughout our lives, we all adapt to certain habits. The more things one is exposed to, the more habits that individual is likely to have. Good or bad, it is really nobody’s place to say, it is only important that you find the balance best suited for yourself. Nobody really has things figured out, so it is important to practice a little understanding. We are all doing our best.

First Years be kind to yourself, and most importantly, be kind to others too. We are all doing our best.

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