Motherwell Community Services Needs You!

By Laiken Faiers

There is currently a project underway at the ‘Buy-Black-Centre’ (BBC) in Motherwell, Nelson Mandela Bay, one that has requested your help.

This project aims to play an active role in reducing waste and educating people on the negative impact it has on the environment, while empowering women and children as well as stimulating economic and skills development within the local community. To achieve this project, the Motherwell BBC needs to incorporate an Enviro-Education facility, food gardens and composting areas.

All that is requested of you, is to collect waste. A major aspect of this project is to test how waste can be used as building material. Therefore, this project requires a substantial amount of waste for both the testing and implementation phase. They are looking for waste such as wine/beer bottles, plastic bottle tops, used bricks and building rubble, eco-bricks (which you can easily make at home) or any other items you deem helpful.

There are designated waste drop-off points/ collection measures:

  • As a ‘Greencycle’ client you can put your eco-bricks in with your recycling
  • Sustainable Seas Trust offices: 222 Main Road, Walmer -Please note this drop off is for eco-bricks only.
  • You can contact Belinda Clark (072 725 6400 / or Therese Boulle  ( for more information on the project or to arrange for another way for your donated waste to be collected

You can have a positive impact on your community by doing something seemingly small. Here is to a brighter and greener future for South Africa.

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