The Shelters of the ‘4 Room House’

By: Sive Matholengwe

It is so saddening that in small townships, much of the youth does not want to be high on life with an overdose of success, they believe they need drugs.

Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world, overridden by drugs that have taken most of the youth hostage. Finding a community outreach programme that is conducted by the youth brings smiles to many people’s hearts, and such one exists! In a small township known as Dimbaza, there is a non-profit organization formed to influence the youth through sports and arts, called ‘The 4 Room House’.

 This organization provides mental health awareness to everyone they encounter and do social events to reach out to the community, especially the youth. They try their best to teach individuals various skill sets, but never leave the fun behind! One of the most common activities is known as a ‘social joy ride’, where they explore various places on bicycles, mostly tourist attractions and economic development projects.

When people come from a place where people do not abide by the rules, it is hard to succeed due to the influence of their society. It is surprising that this umbrella of people was never influenced by their society. They were lucky enough to receive a sponsorship from the well-known soft drink company, Pepsi. This sponsorship is the reason why the organization can host social rides and will be hosting one in Port Elizabeth over the Easter weekend.

Even the wisest say if you want to go fast you go alone, but if you want to go far you go together and going together is what the 4-room house does.

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