Three Ways to Preserve Your Mental Health.

By Tsireledzo Musecho

With the new academic year starting on the 23rd of March, it seems as though online learning will remain the norm. At first, it was ideal, but now between endless assignments and virtual tests, students are finding it hard to cope which directly affects their mental health. According to Google, ‘Mental Health’ is a condition that affects one’s emotional well being which causes stress and anxiety. Here are some ways to help preserve one’s mental health and stay focused on studies.

  1. Stay Hydrated.

Studies show that when one’s body is hydrated, the brain becomes highly efficient, making it easier to retain information and stay alert.

  • Taste of Nature.

Take a walk before starting assignments or meditate outside before doing a test. Fresh air helps our bodies to function at an optimal level. Try your best to be out in nature, whilst following COVID-19 regulations, of course.

  • Give yourself time.

Scientists believe that one of the biggest contributions to mental health is self-criticism. Sometimes we are guilty of not believing in ourselves enough or praising ourselves as we should, due to not being able to grasp something as easily as other people do, or not doing as well on a test/assignment due to other factors. Just because other people understand better, does not mean that you cannot. Allow yourself time and space to deal with things and try inspiring yourself by looking at people who were once just like yourself. One of the best examples are Walt Disney. Even Forrest Gump was thought to be stupid, yet he had the best adventures. Give yourself time and space young Forrest.

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