Bonded by Blood.

By Tsireledzo Musecho

As the world evolves even more to the modern era, certain things that were once seen as taboo have become the sore on everybody’s tongues. This is the ‘normalization’ of terms or topics. An example of these once taboo topics is the talk of menstrual bleeding, commonly known as periods.

In the past and throughout present days, most women were embarrassed or ashamed to talk or to even be seen having a pad which would indicate that they are going through their menstrual phrase. In some cultures, during this stage women are told not to go out or to tell anyone, but as times change, more and more women are teaching young girls the self confidence in their natural body processes. One of these women are the mother and daughter that founded PetalsSA, Ms. Mpho and Aphiwe Motloung. PetalsSa is a girl’s period box that helps women with their cravings during this moody and sometimes painful time of the month. In a virtual interview with the founders of PetalsSa, when asked what they think period pains should mean to all women, rather than the typical taboo, they responded that, ‘menstruation is a part of life. Same as how everybody sweats and uses the bathroom, it’s a natural thing’. They further explain that it is important for women to be confident in themselves and their bodies instead of being ashamed as menstruation brings life.

With a change in the world, the bigger picture is to empower women.

For more information on the PetalsSA initiative, do check out their Instagram page at PetalsSA.

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