Facebeat 101: The Do’s, and the (Please) Do Not’s!

Knowing how to do make up is a skill, some may even call it art – but knowing how to do it properly? Goals. Danielle Fontana Dooley, the senior digital editor of the New Beauty Blog guides us through the basics.

There are many people who prefer not to use make-up due to anxiety issues or the fear of not being able to do it properly. Contrary to popular belief, there is a wrong way of using make-up, and that is doing it badly. Yes, there are even rules in make-up!

The first thing you need to focus on when beating your face, is your eyes. Through this, you can achieve beautiful results in the cleanest way as you will be able to remove excess fall out from under the eyes without ruining the whole process.

Blush and bronzer are known to give you that extra ‘little something’ and shine, but they share a golden rule – do not wear them both at once. Fiona Stiles, a celebrity make-up artist, and Ella Thweni a local one, pride themselves in this rule and state that “bronzer looks more believable when there’s a bit of flush to the skin.”

Lipstick, one of the most used make up products, also has a rule, Ella walks us through this one. Match your lipsticks with your lip liner, one can get so much definition by lining your lips with a darker colour shade, and fill inner corners, then only apply a brighter shade of lip liner on the inside. New Beauty says that only then should you add lipstick as a finish, to get a long-lasting, fuller lip. When using foundation, one should wear powder on top, and a dense brush must be used for liquid make-up.

Know your colour, get one to match your face, follow these rules and you will look like a celebrity MUA touched you up!

By Zukisani Gali

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