Hlumis’imfundo: Creating Pride for Our Learners.

By Zukisani Gali.

Hlumis’imfundo is a tutoring programme situated in the location area of Port Elizabeth in Motherwell NU 1, based at Masiphatisane Senior Secondary School – and they need our help!

The programme assists scholars with various subjects through different grades, indirectly assisting them in building a future and restoring their pride. It was founded in 2018 by Mr Andile Mbuqu (26) and implemented in 2019 and since the start, parents of the tutored scholars have applauded the programme for the results it has brought to the table (and reports). One parent said, “My son always brought intonga (sticks – literally level ones throughout the year) but ever since Hlumis’imfundo came, his marks have improved.”

Hlumis’imfundo is more than a tutoring programme, it is a nonprofit company seeking for investors and sponsors. The tutors are passionately working voluntarily, and Mr Mbuqu would like to see that change. Learners come from different backgrounds and some of them, from the most unfortunate side.

Mr Mbuqu and Hlumis’imfundo are asking for assistance to help those who are struggling to help themselves, with the statement “You cannot concentrate on an empty stomach.” They are pleading for someone to help complete the pride of the new generation, and that person could very well be you!

To obtain more information on how to join or invest in this program, please contact the Administrator: Mr Zukisani Gali by emailing zukisanigali97@gmail.com, Cell number: 0626008167.

The smallest donation could put the biggest smile on someone’s face!

“The hand that gives is the most blessed hand than the one that receives”- Andile Mbuqu.

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