International No diet Day

On 06 May of each year, we celebrate International No Diet Day. All over the world, men and women are haunted by constant adverts on media platforms of the ‘ideal body’. Whether it is on social media, magazines or on TV, we all see it. This has resulted in a lot of men and women feeling pressure to looking a certain way and going on extreme diets to either gain or lose weight just so that they can have these perfect bodies.

So, on this day we say no more. We put away the scales, throw away the meal plans and enjoy a day of body appreciation and eating whatever we want. It is a day to celebrate and empower people to be comfortable in their own bodies and not worry about the societal standards of beauty. To encourage people to have healthier relationships with food.

You can celebrate this day by cooking yourself an amazing meal, ordering take-out, or taking yourself out to your favourite restaurant. Talk to your body and appreciate every part of it, it is the best thing you can do for it and it also helps boost your self-esteem.

Being comfortable in your own body is essential to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We should all be kind to ourselves and appreciate our bodies the way that they were created. It is okay to want to look good, but no one should feel pressured to look a certain way.

By Aziziphozethu Gwija

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