By Liyema Mpompi

Mothers play a pivotal role in their children’s livelihoods; they are there from when they are born to their first day of primary school and all the way to being strong supportive figures in times where they must make tough decisions as young adults. Mother’s Day is held annually on the second Sunday of May to show appreciation to mothers and mother figures.

Previously women who never had an opportunity to give birth to a child were made to feel left out on this day. However, Mother’s Day has become more inclusive and all women who play a parental role to any child are to be celebrated and honoured.

Here is a suggestion list of things that can be done on Mother’s Day to show appreciation:

  1. Take your mother to a spa day.
  2. Bake a special cake.
  3. Replace plates that have been broken.
  4. Cook a family recipe.
  5. Plant mom’s favourite herbs.
  6. Since winter is soon, buy warm Blankets.
  7. Write a letter.

According to Nyke Broek, “at least 800 women pass away each and every day during pregnancy or birth and more than 15000 each day babies are still born or die in the first day of life.” These incidents occur most in low- and middle-income countries. This serves as a reminder of how much we should be grateful of the gift of life and why we must show more gratitude to women during this Mother’s Day and all year round as it is visible that pregnancy can be life threatening

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