The Change On The Tertiary Pass Rates Is Unpredictable

By Sisipho Magadla

Online learning has received so much exposure and attention from higher education institutions in the past few years, it has become even worse as the whole world is going through this time of the pandemic. This was the best alternative way of continuing with studies, but not everyone is copying. In most cases first year students are not prepared, and they are the most vulnerable, it is even worse for the students who come from poor families and are not well prepared for the University environment.

Online learning requires reading and writing skills, independent learning, motivation, and computer literacy. Some students lack some of these skills and that leads them to failing or even dropping out, but for those who have these skills, online learning is very effective for them.

Ever since online learning took over, the pass rates have increased in massive rates, and the reason for that could be because students are studying in their comfortable spaces and environments and they are studying at their own pace. Even though this method of learning comes with more stress and destructions, but students however find a way of saving their academic year and pass with good grades.

The fact that extra help is being provided and students are given options of reaching out to their lecturers if they have questions and even extra material is being provided so that every student is clear with chapters in their modules helps a lot. The institutions are doing their most to meet students halfway and giving them all the help, they need.

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