Tyme to thrive.

By Gugu Sedibe

Tymebank is a financial service provider, in association with the African rainbow capital owned by Patrice Motsepe. A fully black-owned and controlled investment company, in South Africa.

Established in 2019, it has grown so much, that as of 2021 more than 3 million customers have switched to tyme bank. The benefits of joining Tymebank includes the goalsave option of saving money while earning interest, earn smart shopper points when paying with the card at Pick ‘n’ Pay, free cash withdrawals at Boxer and Pick’n Pay. Being able to withdraw at any ATM, pay as little as R3. Students using Intellimali can transfer their funds to their Tymebank account. One can open the account at the comfort of their homes, with internet connection and a smart phone, and then collect the card at a later stage. Some may be shopping for groceries at Boxer/Pick ‘n’ Pay, but 5 minutes is all it takes to open this account at the kiosk. Below are simple steps to get going with the tymebank account and enjoy the benefits!

Step 1: Go to google, then search for www.tymebank.co.za

Step 2:  At the top right icon, click the option of “open an account.”

Step 3:  A window will open, click on the box written “enter your ID number.”

Step 4:  Click next, a terms & conditions will open, then click agree options shown.

Step 5:  Then click accept terms & conditions.

Step 6:  Next window opens, then enter cellphone number. Click next.

Step 7:  A pop-up will appear, requires OTP (one-time-pin), sent via sms.

Step 8: Verification loading, then click confirm, another window will open click next.

Step 9:  About 6 questions will be asked, answer all. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Step 10:  Verification of details, then a window will open, “create pin” and “confirm pin.”

Step 11: Enter 4 digits then click next.

Step 12:  A window for login details will appear, “create password” and “confirm”. Then click next, enter email address and confirm it.

Then as simple as that, the account is set.

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