Buckle up, Winter is here!

By Tsireledzo Musecho

Winter has finally arrived, and it brought along its wrath! This winter season seem to be the coldest one yet, and for students, it seems to be ten times worse whilst studying and participating in classes. Here are some tips on how to keep warm in these cold fronts:

1. Hot water bottles:

What is winter without a hot water bottle to cuddle up with? Hot water bottles are great for people who easily catch flu, to keep themselves warm during the night. However, it is best to fill up the bottle with warm water instead of boiling water to prevent the bottle from tearing and risking burns.

2. Warm PJ’s:

With its proximity to the ocean, the city of Gqeberha is known to get very cold. With these cold winter chills, it is amazing what a pair of socks and a warm sleeping onesie or a woollen pair of pyjamas can offer.

3. A cup of tea can do some magic.

With busy schedules and early mornings, coffee has become the number one go to morning drink for keeping away in the morning. However, caffeine has been known to be very bad for one’s health. A cup of warm tea before bed not only warms you up, but it also helps you sleep better so you wake up feeling fresh and ready to face the day.

Winter days are rough. But, with the right approach, winter can be an easy breeze (excuse the pun) to get through. Warm up and enjoy your winter seasons.

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