Does science kill God?

by Sanele Thwala.

The link between science and religion has long been a provocative subject in our society, with accusations that science rejects God’s existence. It is important to reason whether science reject God and if these two disciplines are enemies, as most people believe.

Marcelo Gleiser, an award-winning theoretical physicist who specializes in cosmology and is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy, has dedicated his career to proving that religion and science are not mutually exclusive. Despite the fact that he does not believe in God, but he refuses to rule out the possibility of God’s existence entirely.

The subject of culture, religion, spirituality, and atheism has inspired a lot of debate, resulting in a lot of judgments, leaving a lot of people confused, and even involving science into it. To help clarify the terms, Firstly, culture is essentially a way of life. Secondly, Religion is a system of faith that is socially created and has been accepted by the society as a valid way of worshiping God. As a result, there are several ways of worshiping God constructed by the society, and they are in some way influenced by people’s cultural beliefs. Thirdly, Spirituality is a broad feeling of connection with something greater than us through the human spirit or soul rather than via physical means. Lastly, Atheism is the conviction that God does not exist., It is a categorical denial of the existence of a superior entity.

In this day and age, it is essential to note, that there are people who do not reject the presence of God but are not religious, and who have been chastised because society believes that a person must adhere to a set of beliefs. If it is not God, it implies that a person believes in God’s opponent, and humans are not allowed to remain neutral. Nevertheless, God is more than a religion and refusing to identify as a member of a specific religious organization does not imply that a person does not believe in God. Everyone is spiritual, even if they are not religious. Religion provides people with a sense of belonging and community in addition to merely believing in God. The concept of religion and spirituality, on the other hand, is more centered on the western perspective and the African understanding to religion and spirituality appears to have been undercut by historical writings or have been rendered unrecognizable.

Atheism is incompatible with scientific approach, according to Marcelo. Spiritual individuals, interestingly, utilize prayer as a direct line of communication with God. So, it is the communication of two spirits with no intermediary person involved Whereas, Religious individuals, on the other hand, utilize prayer to interact with the supreme being, but through an intermediary known as a Prophet or a God’s messenger. The commonality in this procedure is the connection or communication of spirits through prayer. God is manifested as a spirit hence, there is a spiritual process of connecting with God. That is to say, you are a spiritual being before you are religious. Therefore, the notion of invalidating the possibility of God’s existence entirely is not admissible. The physicist is interested in making difficult things understandable. Among the topics on which he has written on includes climate change, Einstein, storms, black holes, and the human conscience, exploring the connections between science and the humanities, including philosophy.

Marcelo claimed that the narrative of the creation of the planet is the first thing you will find in the Bible, and that everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, is inquisitive about how life began. As a result, while science and religion have a shared common interest, they provide quite different answers. Science pursues a method that eliminates preconceptions, whereas religion does not. He went on to say that science may give answers to a certain degree, and many people depict science as the enemy because they believe in an outmoded perspective of science and religion in which all scientists want to prove God does not exist.

“There is limit to science, it cannot answer everything beyond human understanding. If science is unable to address ultimate questions, we must seek answers elsewhere. That is not meant to be a criticism of science. It is just understanding and accepting its limitations, rather than pressuring it to respond to concerns that are beyond of its scope.” Says Physicist Marcelo

The scientific approach does not apply to the issue of God. As a result, science has nothing legitimate to say about religion in one sense. Science simply cannot answer the question of God’s apparent superintendence over nature using scientific methods purely because scientists cannot confirm or reject it since they cannot remark on it. He further claimed that scientists who come make remarks without comprehending the significance of belief systems in our society are exceedingly arrogant.

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