Welcome First Years!

By Luphelo Zendile

Students travel from all over in search of a good education, but they have no idea what type of experience they will have. Many first-year students arrive at university hoping to live a dream life. Research was done on advice students may need as well as some of the challenges they confront, like safety, academic experience, online learning, and other issues, and how they can overcome them. 

COVID-19 made it challenging for students to attend classes on campus, so online learning took over. It became more difficult for students like Asemahle Solomon who could not bear studying at home and said that with the online learning one struggles to meet deadlines and attend classes, which result negatively to one’s academic performance. However, there seems to be an answer to this as some of the modules in the year 2022 are conducted as mask-to-mask sessions.  

Other students are more concerned about their safety on campus. The University responded to reports of muggings or robberies affecting staff, students, and the community in 2019 by saying, “The University has developed a strategy, which is currently being implemented, that is based on the effective deployment of security personnel, the efficient use of technology, robust stakeholder collaboration, and management.” Still, crime has remained a problem to this day. “Going to clubs, parties, having more entertainment, and living an overly enjoyable lifestyle is a significant obstacle for students, especially those who live in the residences,” said Luzuko Zendille, a final year student at Nelson Mandela University. Students must exercise greater caution and not allow anything to distract them. 

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