Embracing Change 

By Luyolo Mapekula

There are many different types of first-year students. Regardless of the type, they all need assistance with the transition from high school to university. Having said that, let’s all get excited and take some notes. 

Obviously, when you first get to varsity you will encounter many challenges and one of those is the difference in attention between your high school teacher and your lecturer. No one is going to push you to study, you will have to push yourself. You will also be forced to find your own learning strategy. Make use of meta-cognitive strategies as these strategies may be helpful in finding a balance between the heavy workloads that you will receive in varsity. It is also very important as a first-year student to manage your time. Time management is the key to literally everything. 

Students are at higher risk of developing mental health problems. Believe me when I say UZOGOWA! Students are more exposed to stress, which could lead to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. For students to improve their mental health, they need to conjure up the courage to speak to a free therapist. Every university provides one, take time out to enjoy yourself, visit family members and find some hobbies. 

The change from classroom learning to online or blended can be beneficial to students depending on how disciplined they are. Advantages include being able to learn in your own comfort zone and having that sense of flexibility. One should be careful with how one treats online learning. 

Procrastination is a big issue when it comes to blended learning. Falling behind on your work creates a domino effect that is hard to reverse. With blended learning, enjoy your own space but also engage in social interactions with students on campus. It’s important to join a study group as this will ensure a safe community for you to learn and grow in. 

This is to my introverts since we struggle the most with socializing. I highly recommend joining those societies. Join drama, choir, public speaking, MadibazNews, MadibazRadio etc. This will make you work in teams thus enabling you to talk to people daily – thus widening your circle of acquaintances or even better – your circle of friends. 

Are you afraid of losing iphakade lakho – your soulmate – your mjolo? Well, you should be. Just kidding. Relationships from home do not have to change, it all depends on the effort from both sides. Are you both willing to make it work, regardless of distance? Forming new relationships is important. Embrace the change. Find someone. Fall in love. A lot. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

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