The New Year Has Nothing for You! 

By Siyabulela Ncetani 

It’s has been thousands of years and people are still globally celebrating each arrival of a new year. Historians trace this tradition from the ancient Babylonian calendar, where in Babylonia, the New Year (Akitu) began with the new moon after the spring equinox (mid-March) and in Assyria with the new moon nearest the autumn equinox (mid-September). 

In our modern days, the first day of a new year is welcomed with different celebrations. All over the world, there is a significant meaning attached to a new year, some even go far as to give it a nickname that represents a group or an individual’s expectations. These celebrations expanded and changed in meaning throughout the years, as people began to develop habitual expectations for an incoming year. Nevertheless, the disservice that we often do is leaning too much on celebrations and excitement, forgetting the most important element which is planning for the year.  

Planning for a year simply means we are aware that we have much control, but we can always influence outcomes through detailed planning. Detailed planning are those daily tasks that you and I are willing to do in order to ensure that our goal is achievable. If we consistently come from an old year to a new year without a clear map to our goals, then it is unfortunate that I reveal this; “The New Year Has Nothing for You If You’re Doing Things, The Same Old Way!”. 

Have an Amazing and Productive Year! 

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