Booster shooting to secure the future  

By Siphosethu Tshakatsha

 COVID-19 has changed so many things that brought a sense of comfort, pride and belonging in university, not forgetting the lives of our fellow students it took. As the students of today we can create change by fighting back against the Coronavirus as booster shots have come to the rescue. “Let us not be a selfish generation that will delay the world’s progress by being reluctant to take vaccines as they will provide higher chances of survival in this hazardous period” said Yamkela Pako second year student in Nelson Mandela University.  

  The pandemic ceased and restricted a large number of ‘fun’ activities in varsity like intervarsity competitions and varsity cup rugby games. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccine ingredients are harmless and nearly all of them are common in the food we consume daily like fats, sugars and salts. therefore, students and the staff should be encouraged to take the booster shots so that varsity life can go back to normal as soon as possible. The booster shots also consist of a Messanger ribonucleic acid which is the one that instructs the body to create protection out of the virus that causes COVID-19. Many people usually become hesitant because of the side effects of the vaccine like fever and headaches which are just normal as the body is still building protection against Covid 19. 

 People have taken vaccines for chicken pox and other diseases before meaning that students and the rest of the country should not worry about the rumours of what the vaccine contains but they should take it to protect themselves once more, these booster shots are one of the main keys to stopping the spread of the virus. 

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