Mucus is our friend  

By Amahle Phendu

You hack it up, spit it out or blow it into tissues and throw it away. While mucus might seem gross, it plays a very important role inside us. It keeps you healthy and when that fails it helps you to overcome the sickness. 

It acts as a lubricant for the body, and protects your nasal passage, lungs, and throat from drying out. It also poses as a barrier that traps bacteria and allergens, like dust or pet dander to prevent you from getting sick. Vaginal mucus can help women get pregnant or avoid pregnancy if they wish, while mucus in the gut helps your digestive system function. 

 Although mucus production is natural and healthy, excess mucus production can be a sign of illness including the common cold. When you are sick or have fever your body responds by increasing the snot production since mucus can act as a defence against infection. Mucus also acts as a means of ridding the body of what is causing the inflammation in the first place, like bacteria and other unneeded materials.  

Remember that while your snot keeps you healthy it can make others sick. That’s why if you cough or sneeze up any mucus, make sure to wash your hands and disinfect anything that you have touched. In doing so you minimize the risk of spreading illness to the people around you. 

No matter how disgusting it may seem, mucus is always with us inside us every moment of our lives.  

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