Take a Jog for the Kids 

By Akahlulwa Radana 

The health of new born babies is not solely the responsibility of the mother’s diet and habits, but also those of the father. A recent study by Kristin Stanford and her team of researchers aims to analyse the effects of unhealthy diets in males on the future health of their offspring. 

Male mice were fed a high-fat or balanced diet for a period of three weeks. A few were allowed to exercise, others remained inactive. After the three weeks had passed, the mice were made to breed and it was found that the offspring of the inactive males were more likely to have poor glucose tolerance together with a higher fat percentage within the body and unusual glucose uptake in the skeletal muscles. The offspring of the active males not only had lower percentage of fat in the body but they were also more likely to be born with improved glucose metabolism. According to Stanford the regular exercise heightened the motility of the sperm as well as triggered a change in the sperm that decreased the inheritance of risk factors for diabetes and obesity in offspring. 

The data collected from this case study contributes to the research in how exercise in males can be conducive to combatting transferable health risks among humans such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

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