Your Licence to Freedom! 

By Liyema Mpompi

As we become older, we realize the necessity of having certain things, like a driver’s licence. This document identifies you as a legally licenced driver and has many benefits – like allowing you to operate a motor vehicle, for job hunting and most importantly, for law enforcement purposes. If you are pulled over by the relevant authorities and fail to produce your licence, you could receive a fine or worse.

Interestingly, the job market now demands a driver’s licence alongside relevant qualifications and experience to be considered for a vacancy. It is important for agencies and companies like Takealot, Uber, Mr D and so forth to require this, but even within other sectors, having a licence is advantageous. It offers a sense of freedom, if you have a licence, you can go anywhere and are considered flexible and of use to the company.

Especially when you are financially stable enough to have a car of your own, you do not want to have to still do your licence. The best option is to get your licence as soon as possible. It is true that the daunting experience and the amount of money spent on driving schools, hiring of vehicles and tests, is not for the faint hearted, but it should not discourage you.

Get your license now and unlock and drive through a journey of freedom! 

Photo credit: Duncan Alfreds

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