Comic Book Movies & TV Shows Arriving in 2022 

By Khanimamba Khoza 

As university students, we all know the stress and weight of the workload we must deal with, and we often search for ways to relax and decompress between studying. For some, exercise, reading a novel or napping does the trick but this article is for those of us that like to watch things to relax.

For the lovers of superhero content, 2022 is the gift that keeps on giving, this is the most live-action movies and tv shows we are getting from the two comic book giants, Marvel, and DC in a single year. For the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe, otherwise known as the MCU, last year we saw Marvel blowing up Box Office and this year will be no different. Not to be outdone, DC also has a long list of movies coming out this year, after years of ruling the small screen.

Let’s get started with our count down: 

Movie: The Batman- March 4th, 2022

TV show: Moon Knight- March 30th, 2022

Movie: Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness- May 6th, 2022

TV Show: The Boys Season 3- June 3rd, 2022

Movie: Thor: Love and Thunder- July 8th, 2022

TV Show: She-Hulk- July 2022

Movie: Black Adam- July 29th, 2022

TV Show: Ms. Marvel- Spring 2022

Movie: The Flash- November 4th, 2022

TV Show: Doom Patrol- Summer 2022

Movie: Spider-Man: Across the Spidervese. November 2022

Bonus TV show: Peacemaker, streaming right now and with new episodes each week.

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