Graduation Season is Given a New Meaning  

By Luphelo Zendile

We have arrived at the time of year where dreams come true and successes are celebrated, and happily where ceremonies are still conducted according to strict Corona Virus protocols. On the second of March 2022, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that Nelson Mandela University would organize twenty-six Autumn graduation ceremonies in Gqeberha and George to allow students to celebrate themselves in person.  

This is something new to most, however, it is the second mask-to-mask graduation season to be hosted on campus since the pandemic begun over more than two years ago. Due to restrictions, it is expected that all 6200 students graduate on different dates, with three ceremonies in George from 7 to 8 April and 23 ceremonies in Gqeberha from 20 April to 5 May. With strong adherence to protocols, 50 percent of capacity or maximum limit of 1000 people indoors will not be exceeded. The adaptations also indicate strict measures like the duration and guest list. 

However, this is the first complete in-person season, which may be difficult given the large number of people scheduled to attend. The personnel assigned, are dependable and trustworthy in ensuring that attendees will have well-organized events that they will always remember. 

Photo credit: Cuaustralasia

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